How to make Improvements?

I find it better to start with ‘Improvements’. This is what we have to do or make to achieve ‘Success’, which is just a result, an outcome of persistent improvements. Thus I prefer not to jump directly upon success..since it won’t help.

If you think, I am to suggest certain ways, to study, suggest you how to deal with time, provide u some tricks to practice or am going to give you the perfect diet chart that would help… I say, you getting me wrong. Because, I would say, the secret to improve is- your own ways. Your plans, your potential. Your range of work. The key is in your pocket and the solution to your paused or locked improvement is ‘YOU’.

Anytime one prefer to search ways, take a lot suggestions, less to make an improvement and more to distract from the path that could help you to achieve the same. Ultimately, all ends up with your own plans.

You can only  feel comfide by practicing  according to your habit. You are capable upto your limits and an amendment you can make in your life style, according to your potential, known to you.

Again, the things, ‘Worry’ and ‘a feeling of inferiority’, are obstacles in path. The key to it is- “being a lil’stupid, but feeling smart”. That’s the way to cherish life, and climb high. You are not abided to terms and conditions that could bring success to you. Whatever be the circumstances, live through but feel free; and thus you will improve. And it declares that, ” by winning over mind, one can win the world”.

An ’11 letters word’ , might carry many steps to climb, but it will always begin with ONESELF. Identify yourself, because Improvement always begins with ‘I’. And S ccess says, it can not be achieved without ‘U’ ( you ).

Indian and India

Perhaps this was not going to be my next title to be shared. Today I was to discuss some other topic. But, suddenly I am realising ‘it’ to be discussed.

Not complexing this any more, let you know that India comprises two categories of people. The first, who lives in India and has its nationality. They are the Indians.

The second category of people are the one who reflects country’s culture, motto,notion in their living. These are in themselves- INDIA.

Now, what let me to talk about this?

I see, certain emerging thoughts which consider ‘Indian culture’ and social norms as rag and cause of unupliftment.

What is upliftment then?

Following the notion of being ‘The Cools’, henceforth drinking, attending bars? Night outs? Or..wearing ‘hell’?

The thought of upliftment should be about- Learning good. Excelling in different fields. Becoming a human resource to one’s nation. Upliftment of any country should be done in every possible spheres in such a way that the original sole beauty of the country is maintained.

The filtered cultural believes must be opted. One should take pride in taking stand for and representing India.


How sweet and colourful different costumes, traditions and languages we have! What a marvellous story, the history of jewellery in India depicts! Such a diversity, and yet we understand one-another, pay respect to each tongue. It’s so interesting to know and learn enormous languages..almost each city has its own acsent. Have you ever tried to learn regional indian languages?

I see, we get inspired from Western culture. Why so..?? Have you thought ever? This is because, people from West, represent ‘The West’ , represent their country in their living. Think, do you represent your country through your living?

Take pride in your heritage, languages, and culture. Take pride in India.

Opting different styles, might be your choice. But the adaptation should not be done in a way that you loose India somewhere in in West.

Let India exist in the world in the way it is letting you to exist in it.


So, what you choose, being an Indian or being The INDIA..?

“Reservation & Mandal Commission”: How much successfull in eradicating discrimination?

Can’t say to what extent diversity results in unity.  But discrimination’ is always an assured by product of diversity.

‘Discrimination’, a well nourished and flourished tree that has several baseis as it’s ‘branches’! One such branch is- ‘Caste’. Ah! It’s not today, that ‘the term’ is striking my mind. It was the day, when I encountered the same word, “Caste” in dictionary, meaning- ” Each of  the Hindu social classes”. And yes, I realised once again that this branch of discrimination is all self-created parasitic branch for society with no roots..and running from years by couple of hands, for being in advantage and maintaining the “Master-Slave custom” in social lives.

This “Master-Slave” relation was getting flourished at a rate, unstoppable. And thus to make a try to stop it, Indian govt.came up with ‘RESERVATION POLICY’ in providing education and govt.job opportunity to backward communities.

This solution wasn’t unfair to forwards! ..Because the basic basis was “SOCIAL”, which had always been unfair to backwards.

If ‘providing reservation’ was not unfair then why it could not stop discrimination..?


Before estimating any answer, we must make a note on ‘Mandal Commission’, a commission which gave a report on reservation.

Mandal Commission was established in the year 1980. Completed its report in 1983, and the reservation policy could not be implemented before the yr. 1992. The commission had put forward 11 factors in account of backward classes, that comprises social, educational and economic factors. Among these, social factors were given weightage of 3points, followed by 2 & 1points for educational and economic factors respectively.

Thus, the need of reservation was basically ‘The Social Discrimination’.

It was concluded in report that- ” A child from an advanced class family and that of a backward family have the same intelligence at the time of birth. Then, owing to the vast difference in social, environmental and cultural factors, the former will beat the latter by lengths in competitive fields.”


Report of Mandal Commission and implementation of reservation policy have surely risen up the economic and educational status among backwards, to some extent. But, has provided a new boost to the persisted social discrimination!

Making new categories is persisting the division of society. Discrimination will flourish until the particular branches are cut, and a policy of ONE CASTE to all is implemented. That caste would be ‘INDIAN’!


The govt.has taken one more step in making a further division and norm of being ‘the needy general’ and ‘the rich general’, through its policy of “Reservation to the poor general community”.

The tree of discrimination is strengthening its new ‘twig’, of “discrimination on economic basis”!



Everybody is familiar to the term “Rust”. You might are familiar to the common ‘iron rust’ as- Fe2O3.nH2O, or known to the ways that prevents it.

But, you are not aware to the above title-“RUST”.


I remember, it was this same month, October, two years back when I was in 12th grade. One of my teacher, helpless about his ‘mood swings’, called me RUSTED-MINDED. Mentioning the whole incident would form a story in itself. But, I would like to mention that, few days after, he said to me SORRY for the same.

Not a “bad student” I have ever been. So, sometimes or other this thing, this word passes my mind, and reminds me a “not too good memory”.

It is this incident that compelled me to notice the RUSTS. And now I am feeling great full to the incident!


When you pass by and see those rusted bridges and railings, do u wait a while and stare it’s beauty? It holds so many stories from ages.

The rusted articles, they aren’t new. They are OLD. They try to depict you all the different weathers and calamities they have seen. All the people, they met, who disliked or admired them.

It says, ” it is the ‘ immense experience, ‘benevolent thoughts’ and ‘knowledge’ that has formed a layer upon it, to which you call RUST!”

A blunt object as a ‘BLUNT MIND’, can’t spread any thing. But, a RUSTED ARTICLE, when rubbed, spreads around its ‘ POWER’ ( knowledge, thoughts and experience). Such power can be moulded or can be reformed in anyway to be served in good. Thus is Painted or Polished.

There is no need to polish an ‘UnRusted Article’. But a RUSTED ARTICLE can be made beautiful and given new looks anytime, because it holds POWER.


Ah! How good the life of RUST is..and what an amazing experience, it shares.

What’s Your Source of Living ?

“You should know EVERYTHING about ‘someting’..& SOMETHING about ‘everything’. 

“You can ‘earn’ from one source, but can ‘donate’ to needy through Various sources!” 

I could not find any better start than this. The above two verdicts, are ‘MOOL-MANTRA’ for ‘living’.


To get strucked in, a road traffic is not required. Now man’s life has turned as such, that life in itself is very trafficking.

We say, god creates life, it’s so beautiful.. but what we living now is the man- made life.

Just you look at your own self . We grow up, choose a subject, learn to qualify competitive exams. Take a job. Practice that job. Earn..earn..earn..and die.

Life has became so limited, or else, I must say, we have made it We have turned our daily life into an EXAMINATION HALL; where we find and make ourselves restrict to turn aside, or, even look aside to know the surrounding.

Hah! I think, it was The EXAM and The EXAMINATION HALL that we hatered the most. Then why are we trying to turn our blessed life as such.


Earlier in my articles, I had discussed about developing potential and recognising passion. ‘What’s Your Fashion?’ accompanied, the value of appearance and personality. All these are built up with CONFIDENCE.. and ‘happiness’ is the key to confidence.

Until we don’t try to ‘chillofy’ our lives and do a little experiment with it, we’ll last our lives, being a robot.

How to live then..?

Well for me, L.I.F.E. is – Learning, Innovation, Fiering, and Experiment. If any one of these task you exclude, life will be incomplete.


How nice our heart feel, to know about any person serving in good, by managing time from his routined work. We whole heartedly wish blessings to such persons.

Why not we try this ourselves? Triple pleasure will our heart feel..and happiness will roll down from our eyes.

Being a GENIOUS! Ah, we wish! But do not try. How  fascinating is the term ‘KNOWING’.. Have u ever thought?

It’s so easy. Show excellence in your field. But keep knowing “something about everything.” That gives confidence and a look of satisfaction.

Next thing to consider is, having a HOBBY. Whhoh! How exciting. Observe what u like to do to make up your mood. Do it in your free time..or I say, make a free time, just to perform your hobby.


What do you answer, when someone asks you, “What’s your source of living?”

“Ah, I work as an engineer in ‘INTEL’ “. “I practice medicine.” I own a shop.”  ” I am having hard time..because crop failed this year.”

Well,well, you MISCONCEPT  ‘source of  living’ to ‘source of EARNING’.

Above probable answers perfectly goes with ‘source of EARNING’ . Source of LIVING, never unlimited & has no boundary.


Nourish yourself with some TIME. Be still. Think. Feel. Go for never ending pace of a ‘hapPy LifE’!


My source of living is – L.I.F.E.

                    What’s your’s..?




What’s Your Fashion?

“Formals!”, “Oh! Traditional.” “How would be the Indo-Western?” ” I like descent make-up!”

When we talk about  ‘Fashion’, our poor mind immediately thinks about ‘Clothing’ or ‘dressing up’. Fashion is the tool, which yes, no doubt, helps us to Explore..but only when we understand what it mean..!


How sorry I feel when see, girls mad after wearing more and more shorts. More and more dresses, with more and more make over!

Guys, on the other hand, try to look more and more cool with more and more wrist bands, chains and low waist trousers..!

Ah! All this is because we consider ‘Fashion’ and ‘Trend’, the same thing..and run to catch Trends.


Chain, bands, hair-highlightning, shorts, might be the trend or may it be someone’s fashion. But its not necessary for it to be your fashion too.

F.A.S.H.I.O.N. in my view, should be understood as-  a Fusion reflecting your Attitude, Simplicity, Highness, Intelligence, Occupation and Norms.               So yes, this is what FASHION is.

Now u feeling weight in the term?

Fashion is not just limited to dressing up, but FROM dressing up..TO your Behaviour and your Attitude.

It might be quite clear to u that Fashion is NOT  a Trend to follow and share. It SHOULD be ‘Your Own’ , to master in Your own way!


Adorning anything of your not bad. But interestingly, ‘every place’ and ‘each event’ has its OWN Fashion..


You will terribly shock to see your colleagues in ‘BLACK’ outfits, or with too many bright make-ups on the day of Independence!

Independence day is the day to pay tribute to nation and remember our leader’s sacrfices, with full descency. But, oh, the curse of misundertaking Fashion!

Why to run behind fool races? Why can’t we try to be a little more sensible? Why can’t we take pride in us and remain in our comfort zone?

India lag behind, because, we just know to ‘follow’ & ‘wearing’.

It’s time to think upon..think a little about what should be ‘My Identity?’

” NOT going along with the crowd, can help you stand out in the crowd.”

We have to explore our POWERS, along with our Appearances. When you will  remain at your comfort zone, you will look smart. Think smart. And will form smart.


Snatch out the ‘NATURAL YOU’, from within you. Dont show what ‘Trend’ you follow, Show what ‘Fashion’ you have within you.



        So, do Trend still means your                                   Fashion?




What’s Your Power?

India, blessed with culture, heritage, contains a history of the monarch, carries evidence of bravery in wars. It’s the land of God.

Yeah, one must is aware of all these.. but if anyone knows, India was a great platform for Education?

Our old manuscripts and books give us great pleasure & we use to take pride in reading the greatness of our country.

Our writers were full of wit. We were one among the leading parts of the world.

Vedas, Mahabharata, Panchtantra were written hundreds of years ago but their verses depict our grip on Sciences, Mathematics, that time too. And we spreaded it to all other parts of the world.

Holding such an honorable history, from ‘Nalanda’ to ‘Taxila’, at present India is running with the unwanted education system and fighting with illiteracy.

From the world-class position, we are drawn back to the beginner’s position in terms of gain of smartness, developing human resources, etc.

           And what drew us down is-

                    LACK of POWER.

The abundance of knowledge can bring you Satisfaction, but Power is needed to EXPLODE the world with that knowledge and capability and in taking up one’s stand when needed!

Moreover, POWER stands for- having Potential Of utilizing your Work, Education, and Resource.325699-130G21Z11946

Now, if we look back, we can understand that if people of Ancient India would have realized their POWER of knowledge. No one would have destroyed it!

But we couldn’t take the stand of what treasure we were having.

What Power am I talking about?

Well, ‘Power of Realisation’ would be my answer…

-A realization of your Interest

-Realising one’s Potential

-A realization of one’s ‘Self Treasure’.

I think each of us does have a certain talent. It can even be small things. The matter have the Power to realize it or not!

One might lose his job, but a talented person is never off work. Power of talent never is loosed.

It is not required that we stuck on to make up earning through medical, engineering or teaching field.

Life starts beyond these..when you look up for your quality. We must realize what we have and must acknowledge our quality.

Knowledge and talent are incomplete unless the world knows it and until it is applied in state’s interest.

Take a step. We must realize to combine our ‘quality’ and ‘knowledge’ and give it the Power to establish- ‘Quality knowledge’, in India. Hence creating an example of India’s comeback in Education and smartness.

Let’s be a Human Resource.

I have realized my Power… “My power is Writing.”

                “What’s your POWER?”