Powerful People use me for their ‘dignity’.                                                           To the Commoners, I am ‘worst oddity’.

I declare ‘all’, to be at ONE stage                but I look at them, lying on different leveled staircase.

I thought, I can handle ‘Unity in Diversity’                                                     ..but what I see is, increasing diversities on new basis- ‘money, sex, and cities’!

I offer several rights, free to practice !      And then I offer several laws, that somehow threatens to practice.

I’ve punishments for bad guys who does bad courage.                                                   Ah! I am so impartial..that I also offer ways to them to easily escape.

I call ‘People’, THE MASTER & ‘ Government’, A SLAVE in crew..                but I till now what extent is it true?

I exist in this country, where freedom lies..                                                                  to only those who have hand-full-of PIES.

‘Majesties’ who formed me, are now just on History Page!                                            I am treated at different level of perceptions by ‘mighty slaves’.

Today I am seeing, I don’t have any ideology

Though my existence makes you feel proud                                                           but you’ve made me for yourself, a Gout!

When you’ll realise, you will get no mercy .                                                              It would be too..LATE,

Hereby speaking- ‘The Miserable INDIAN DEMOCRACY’.


Independent? A letter to Late M.K. Gandhi

Respected Mr.Gandhi,

I am sitting in my room now, thinking.. am I INDEPENDENT ? Are WE INDEPENDENT ? Is my COUNTRY ilINDEPENDENT ?

Anyway, how you feeling there in ‘heaven‘ ? So many years of Independency ! I am sure there must not be any boundation.

By the way, today is Oct.,2nd.. your birthday! Birthday of ‘ our FATHER of NATION.’ We celebrate it as- ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.

I have read, you Mr. Gandhi, was a very obstinate man. You fought for India’s independence in your own ways..i.e.- through ‘Satyagraha’, ‘ Non-violence’, ‘ civil disobedience’.  But for which independence, did you fight ? 


I see, I can not go out on my own, to meet friends or for a party..or just for a hang out. I am not permitted by my parents. They think, any individual can do anything wrong to me..or else, I myself can commit wrong.

I am therefore, NOT Independent. Parents here, are NOT Independent from WORRIES. Because SOCIETY is NOT yet Independent from CRIME !


I see,  wherever we go, to any city in India, we are asked our CASTE.

Parents asks ‘caste’ of our friends. To give house on rent, caste is mandatorily asked. In any exam, we are bonded to mention ‘Category’. Whosoever you are. Whatsoever is your personality.. your IDENTITY will be..YOUR CASTE.

Sir even I know YOUR CASTE ! I wish you could only be remembered as ‘GANDHI’. But..

Vote is asked on the name of caste. Even, you don’t have to live your life with your beloved..but with your ‘caste’.

We are NOT yet INDEPENDENT from ‘CASTE’.


I see, there are PEOPLE who sleeps on FOOTPATHS. Their children get a ‘mouth-full meal’..I think, rarely once in a month. Just can’t be predicted.

None deonate even 10% of their income to a single poor family. We still differentiate and don’t come along. Don’t think that ‘UPLIFTING  A  NEEDY, CAN  UPLIFT  US  ALL.’

Our MIND is NOT Independent from SELFISHNESS. And thus, your state is NOT yet Independent from POVERTY. 


I see, even a Commoner can KILL an other Civilian, on account of some RELIGIOUS RUBBISH !

Such persons don’t keep any idea about the PRIME ISSUES to consider..they only run behind ‘religion’ and it’s conflicts.

We are NOT yet Independent from RELIGIOUS DISEASE.


I see, people wearing ‘LOCKETS of Some GOD’. They even wear ‘RINGS’, made up from precious stones, costing from thousands to lakhs ! For eating Non-Veg., And cutting hairs too, there are SPECIFIED DAYS in a week.

Sir, We are NOT yet Independent from our WORSE BELIEVES.


I see, an individual from one Indian state, is killed at another Indian state, because of  ‘state’s -difference’. Oh, a very unusual hate!

We still not INDIANS! We are ‘Tamilians’, ‘Bihari’, ‘ Marathi’, ‘Rajasthani’.

People are NOT yet Independent as ‘One Indian State’.


I see, meeting a govt.official, completion of govt.’s task, like- making of  PAN Card, Driving liscence, Voter-Id, Birth or Death certificate etc., Consumes a lot of time.

Even raising your voice, or publishing your book, too require POWER.

Here, POWER is equivalent to ‘ MONEY’ ‘Caste’ and ‘Contacts’.

State is NOT yet Independent from CORRUPTION and CORRUPTS. 


Acting against the running again a crime, as it must was, in your time.

People here don’t realise what were the reasons that someone overruled us. We are continuing our weaknesses with a great pride.

Gandhi, you struggled for INDEPENDENCE of INDIA. You see, it’s sad that today India is again NOT Independent.

And the worry is, this time any one isnt struggling to settle down worse and to gain Independence..from all that we have created.

We are going to the way of ‘GHULAMI’ again, with no ‘Gandhi’ this time !


-Antra Mani.


..When We’ll be Together Again

Which DATE and which DAY would be then..            How the SUN would accompany..will it ‘Blush Bright’ or hide behind the stare us, quite!

I remember it was Sunny Day, when I had met you last..                                                                                 After that day, time didn’t cross too fast.

I know you, but I think, how you would be..               will you be frank? Or else hesitate..? Ah! I would love to see.

I’ll see your SMILE, and the ‘blushy shine’ .                     Static You. ‘Trembling HEART’ inside, I want to feel again this time.

I confront you every moment, in each day .                     But ‘that’ would be Special Day.

Old moments,our mind will rewind                              there won’t be any sorrow behind.

What’ll you wear? What should I ?                   Leave. Tell me, are you now a bearded guy ? 

Old or new look, all I’ll welcome.                                  For you should be ‘the same’ from inside.

Many people, you would have met these while                who are they, whom you felt to concile ? 

Your ‘Silver Watch’, is it still with you ?              What it our time going fruitful ?

I have ordered a ‘Pink dress’. I know you love to see me in that.                                                                       And you have to honestly judge..have I turned a bit fat ?

There must be some complains.. and a stomach-full to share .                                                                    It would be time taking to depict, what your eyes have stated.

Hope you not too angry, nor too sad u feel..                         I wish in your heart, I lie still! 


Me? About me..what to tell you, I can’t decide.

I just know, I want to REBORN AGAIN.                     Breathing is in VAIN.

Oh! There is so much to tell  you..

I wish ‘that Time’ to surely come.. when WE WILL BE TOGETHER..AGAIN !



NigHt & DaY..

     “Are  you  devoted  to  your  love?”


I am NIGHT.                                                Everybody, everything stops, when meet me.                But I am never still.. I begin when one stops!            I may seem to you as a ‘Horror bae’                          But what I hold in my arms, is YOU, DAY!


I wonder how lively you seem.                                         You lights up everybody,                                                    For spreading smiles, you are so..keen

When you come, life begins to run..                                  How cheerfull you make those birds                      ..and give everyone , a teaching for work!

Day, your all around, children play.                       You so charming..that plants stand in you green & straight..and becomes your mate in giving esse..


But when arrive, I let all down.                                   I come with ‘thoughts’, ‘regrets’ and sometimes frustrations’.                                                                        I show the TRUTH to everyone..& make conffessions.

I offer my love  and nourish..& then everybody rests in me.                                                                 But I feel so lonely, for I am left alone.                                Though I am having you, but your are not awake with me..


I adorn YOU, then I come.                                            But why do I turn DARK ?

I want YOU Day..but why can’t I get you?

I miss in my life, your part..                                      Am I too bad, to remain this dark ?

I don’t want tears, for I don’t like sadness                       ..but how can I tell YOU, to take it away.

I can’t let these to be in your midway.

If good can never occur to me;                                    I will keep admiring it for you.

I’ll take all your sorrow, make you sleep..                                   ..& again you will wake up ‘ NEW’..

              Day, night LoVes YOU..!


Morning wakes up..with the ‘Shawl of Night’.                                                                                                          I see how again, a new day has arrived.

It never waits..comes on time.

Nothing ever waits. We just flow.                                      Sometimes steeper, or , other times, on a shallow way.                                                     Struggling to find an Even Path..                                            Junked now. Prosper then,.                        Stops. Takes a pace, & get flay.

It can’t be paused.                                                                It has to go through HARVESTINGS.                               Pops out, to give a pleasant breeze or sometime, stings..!

For the ‘rock’ which I had climbed, to rose up..         further steeps down..and brings me down.


Then comes the Night, where I stop.                             But its in motion.                                                      Waiting to morning’s notion.

And the new morning wakes up, with the ‘Shawl of Night’…




Sometimes, I just see the paintings, I have drawn. I stare..and stare & try to find, what ‘relation’ i carry with them all?

Yes, there must be any. Afterall, it’s my mate since my what we call ‘Hobby’.

I don’t know what hobby is ? I don’t think I’ve a single hobby. I do many things in my free time. But again..can’t say all those things, my ‘hobby’.

I don’t know, I am good at it or not. I have never been tutored for drawing. It always expelled out! Whenever expelled out, it helped me to work with my concentration. Sometimes, healed sorrow..or other times, accompanied me in my joyfull-mood.

How living it is..!

Whenever I see them, I find them trying to speak.

Since they are important part of me.. I would love to share to all, what they speak!

So few days..for my paintings and creatives..!


Where your ‘GOOD DAYS’ lie?

 Where your ‘GOOD DAYS’ lie?

The DARK SKY looked down one night, & said-
“People there lives in worry, i’ll help them to make their day bright.”
The MOON laughed, & said-
” Sky, you can never give man, ‘A Good Day’. Don’t think of it, even a slight.”
But, sky was determined!
And morning arrived, with the sky, blushing blue
With huge heart, It was ready to vanish hue.
But what’s this? People didn’t seem happy.
“Ah,cruel sky!”, ” It’s so hot!”, could only be heard.
To enjoy and admire ‘Sunny Day’, none had time
All ended up their day, without any shine.
The DARK SkY was spreaded still, mourning on its bring up a good day.
But, was determined still, to make up a new day ! 
The next morning arrived with a dull coloured sky, 
filled with clouds of happiness and
the breeze too accompanied, after a while.
But what’s this? People didn’t seem happy.
For some couldn’t dry their clothes, & other were covered with sorrow of heart-slaughtered..
.. To take advantage of ‘A Pleasant Day’, none bothered.
All ended up their day, once more in shabby..
The DARK SkY was spreaded still, mourning on its failure to bring up a good day.
But enthused still, to make up the coming day !
Then morning arrived, and all it brought was, rain and dark clouds
..the sky was hiding in this shroud.
Oh! Again what’s this? People didn’t seem happy to take in pride
Weather turned to them useless, nothing they could collect 
And staying home, they could not abide.
To take breathe in ‘Romantic Day’, none thought.
Like every other day, this too was shot.
The DARK SkY was spreaded still..mourning on its failure, to bring up a good day.
But, wanted to try once more, to make up a good-new-day! 
Morning arrived with a still sky. All clear, with scattered clouds
An optimum environment! This time, no chance of causing a Gout.
But what’s this? People ran in hurry.
No time for ownselves..their face showed dilemmas and worries. 
Ah! Day full of work, couldn’t get liesure and heart still not satisfied.
To wait a while, and feel good, none tried.
The ‘Spring Day’ was dileberately fried!
The DARK SkY is spreading still..laughing on itself…that for whose sake it tried?
And saying to moon-
” Man has forgotten to live,
They only know, how to breathe.
They curse their each day, for not being ‘A Good Day’..
And don’t notice, that ‘there lie GOOD in Everyday’ !”