There occured a knock on my window panel. The familiar one, I recognised. Had ‘it’ knocked to wake me up and once again realise my power..?

I looked through my window. My struggling eyes saw an empty polybag, enthusiased enough, was trying to escape above the sky.

Yes, I recognised, that was ‘it’. The army has rebelled, I found.

The smaller ones, who lied beneath  foot were rising up, were flying..and soon spreaded all around. The dried leaves, with loosened identity, suddenly have got a new turn and are now allive.

Then I saw those prosper holdings, and delightful lights, fightning hard to remain static. A wealthy tree, even, was unable to resist itself.

I took a deep breathe and smiled bright, under the dull sky.  Putting on my pen, I said, ” it’s our time”

Until when can one stop any..? SILENCE REBELLS, whenever STORMS arrive in environment or in life!