If you are alive, listen the music of life;

If there lives an ‘anjel’ somewhere, bring him down to make for you a beautiful hive.

If you are alive, hear the innocent cries
If there exists a ‘fairy’, bring her out from your within, move the wand and make things all right.
If you are alive, look beyond the end;
If there exist any ‘immortal drink’, fetch it out and let the life climb more and more high.
If you are alive, notice the needs;
If there lie a ‘heaven’, bring it down on land and give the world, a rise.
If you are alive, counter thoughts of daily life;
If there’s available a ‘wishing well’, make a wish and turn the lives more wise.
They, who live in virtuality and with foes,
May call you, that you are lost;
Turn to them, smiling and say, ” I am Alive!”
( On completing my “lost year”) .

Like A Blanket

..Like a blanket
The world could..
Hold you wholly, to the extent,
You want to.
Covering up your embarassments
Or the tears.
Your shy, or be it your shivers.
If the world could cover to..
..make your small world within!
How sympathetic and relaxing would be the scene.
Like a blanket..
The world support.
Tie you tightly
Becomes your vote!
The hug it could offer..
And the dark side it provide..
To let you think better
And you do not get a bad guide.
How would be the world,
A friend like your blanket!
No condition, no demands
Just a ‘living side’ offering mate.
But, like a blanket..
..the world could?


Sitting idol, might be filled with thoughts, dilemma, work, confusion or fear.

Being on work, may carry empty blank, and heart-wierd.

What seems real, always has something unreal.


The drops of rain, I never enjoyed..                           one day, was giggling my sadness.

Being around people was not to party..                                    but a way to ignore rudeness.

Like, for some ,being alone is the duration to celebrate immense happiness.

Don’t judge conditions to declare the situation. It might not be so clear.

Because, what seems real, always has something unreal!


A Falling tree, Is removing greenery, or providing us with wood…can’t say!

Slipping rocks from the mountain, are filling the water body, or stopping it’s range, can’t say..!


Time goes on, clock runs..                                               shows the same time twice a day, but, we don’t feel, we are being fooled!

Doesn’t matter, who is far, who is near..

What to consider?                                                            Your laughs, or the tears? Say..

As what life is..I don’t get!

Real..or unreal??


Why such a HATE you breed..?                                        for which, cutting out ‘HUMANS from human colony’, you need !


..who chooses to protect everybody’s life before his own self!

‘He’ is not our guard on line of control.. but                   reflection of his father, carrying a brave soul .

Nor do he fight for a great salary and maintainance..                                                                   But to remain alive in his wife’s  thoughts, and for a hope to see ‘her’ again.

..memorises the squeals of his little anjel.. with every shot of bullet.                                                 ..he leaves the arm of his mother to die in the lap of ‘motherland’, for his country’s sake.

‘He’ is the SOLDIER, who leave his panel..                         for protection of each panel of the nation!


..And one more night, I couldn’t sleep.. realising,

The blood we lost at ‘Kashmir’, were protecting my this sleep..!



‘Religions’ does not teach ‘Discrimination’.. … Then from where you learn it?

Why such a hate you breed?                                                   For which, cutting out ‘HUMANS, from human colony’, you need!



– Strongly condemn the terrorist attack on CRPF personnel at ‘Pulwama ( J&K)’.

I strongly condemn ‘the scene’ that goes against every tenet of humanity!

Salute to the martyrs. #CRPFIndia.

Though, I am not a ‘Chocolate Person’…

“Lick! Sip! Bite!…” CHOCOLATE in all forms fill hearts..and you respond “Umm..!”

The darker it appears, the lighter it makes your mood..                                                                              form ‘the curve’ on mouth, mind fascinates & sounds “Boom!”


Might be harder in touch, but melts down easily..        .. In the way-similar, as it melts your mood sweetly.

Chocolate is the ‘Silent tool’, that says the UNSPOKEN words and feelings ..                                     ‘A surprising wonder’, offering creativity, and also solve every dealings.


It can be your ‘START of the story’ or a CONSOLE-MATE in pause of life.                                                     With this ‘dark colleague’ ‘THANK YOU’ and ‘SORRY’ survive.

Am not a weird one, rather I say, it’s being UNIQUE..                                                                                that chocolate doesn’t sparkle my eyes. If taken a bite, I never wish to REPEAT!


Yes, am not a “chocolate person”.

But, because of ‘one’ , it appears to me, occassionally AWESOME.

Some creativity, it offers to me, when I select it for making a ‘day-blossom’.


My tongue dislikes, but I can’t deny- chocolates make any relation ‘Molding’ and ‘Sweet’..                                   in silence of moments, it lie!

Oop! Why am I discussing this?

‘Getting chocolaty’, might is common to all, but, not-so-usual-symptom to me..


…it’s that, I am missing you! 

“Have a chocolate!”

Actually, I wanted to say that, ” YOU are so precious and the special one, to me!” 



Difficult to travel a long distance and for a long while .                                                                           Yes, this happens sometime.

Time doesn’t show interest in maintaining companionship..                                                       ..Path not so clear, becomes dusky and dry.

Life goes on..

But, wings of thoughts find itself unable to escape the clouds.                                                                  Then there appear, in a visible range, clusture of images.. but as I travelled through, it went to vanish in shroud.

Could not understand, in which direction to turn, since all seems muted.

A feel of loneliness spreads..and the hustle & bustle seems so unkind..

It’s when ,’fog’ covers up the range of my mind.

Heart’s nature, reflects ‘NATURE’

Find your match..

There exist the heart changeable like ‘CLOTHES’,      they are the hip-hop person,who entertains the most.                                                                                   From ‘good morning’s to ‘good night’, they are charged full.                                                                           Their lives take no worry..with variable choices, they are called ‘the cools’.                             They are never serious and honest..            , hardly ever complete any promise.


Second in my list, lie the heart with characteristics of H2O.                                                                       Make only friends, have no foes.                                   They mold themselves in accordance to situation,                                                                             taking advantage of time and people, is their thought and notion.                                                            They are not always cunning, may also be sweet and kind,                                                          Beware! Deal with such heart, with mind.


Comes next the unprectible heart as WEATHER..      seems cool now, and then can make you to shiver greater.                                                                   Pretends to be very serious and smart..              but simply, can’t easily gain any heart.       Unwantedly, you’ll feel the fear,                                better, in front of them, protective shields,one should wear.


Then there lie the least changeable heart like SEASON.                                                                              They have their particular and distinguished notion for every condition.                                   Very experienced and calm, the situational changes,they welcome and adorn.                                 Yes,can get violent, but are lovely as dawn.


Also there are found the persons with ‘ROCK-HEART’.                                                                            Have ‘no-change’ policy,                                                  their lives run in conspiracy.                                     Want the world to run on their conditions and terms..                                                                                 others, they pay no concern.                        Gets weathered with time and never gets whole-hearted love and wariness..                       ..ultimately, all they gain at end is loneliness.