The biggest achievement of my life

No degree. Not any bigger name. Am just a student. Yet, I say, I have some memory, that I can mark as the biggest achievement of my life.

No good can be felt without experiencing bad. No love can be realised, without getting haters. Similarly, no achievement becomes the biggest without confronting failure or loss..!
Sitting  on my table and running pen on my notebook, I am running my mind to decide the biggest achievement I have made. Everything is okay now. I am persuing what I wanted to. Am going through my passion. Aa..ann! But I don’t consider it, my biggest achievement.
If I would take you a lil’back, I had shared to you all that I was preparing for medical and taking a drop to go for my passion i.e- ‘literature and writing’, was not an easy task.
I had lost the hopes of all the smiling faces, right now around me. Yet, I didn’t give up! I had to take a step to test my life. And there is nothing like ‘difficulty’ in this world, there only exist ‘challenges’ . I was ready for the challenge, not was I afraid of the difficulty. So, I begun. Begun to write,to learn, to know, and to explore.. first to proove to myself, that I am travelling a right path; if not, then I knew how to make it right for me!
Then there came my ‘ Born Day’ . I was given a surprise Birthday Cake…upon which was written-
” Happy Birthday Poet”
The encryption was not saying that I’ve become a poet or what..nor I think, I write  so correct and really go with rhyming scheme! Haah!
But there was something, that those written words were saying, and that was, ” We are proud of you” . It was saying that I have got the trusts back, the hopes in eyes,back…and therefore I had made the biggest achievement of my life.
Yes, in and as my “Birthday Cake”!


Reading the title, many of you must’ve deviated to ‘John Lasseter’s’ ‘Toy Story series’. Yeah, amazing creation it is. But I am not going to make an analysis upon, or discuss on the same. I am here, memorising my own “toy story”.

Its not that I don’t confront my toys now. Some of them, which are still in a good position, still are the charm of show cases. And few others, lie behind in wardrobes and attic.

Diwali is about to arrive. A great Indian festival! But I am finding more interest in talking about my toys. Since, it is this DIWALI, when every year, small or big ‘home-renovations’ are done. It is then, when all my toys are gathered, for cleansing.

Once in a yr., I touch all my toys and look at them, trying to find, “are they alive still?” “Are they trying to speak to me something?”. I try to memorise their names. I feel sorry, if sometimes, name of any doesn’t comes easily to my mind.

I am foolishly smiling, memorising all the stories, I and my elder brother used to create for our play.. All the characters, heroes & villains..! Becoming a writer, perhaps, is a choice. But, in childhood, every child, I think are amazing story creator!

Now, when I am memorising, ah! I am wanting to take revenge from my brother. I remember, he always used to become “the servivor”, ” the hero”. And  used to persuade me to become “a ghost” or ” a bad -soul”. Thus, our play always ended with my end.

But, beautifull those days were !

I don’t remember exactly, what are the things, I did a day before. But, the childhood or the “toy stories” are still as living, as this very moment..