Towards Science & Technology

India, once more has established its name in ‘solar race’. The country has successfully made ‘CHANDRAYAN-II’, to be launched for ‘moon-mission’. Good achievement! Country is celebrating its power on “rising knowledge” in science and techno. & the world   is praising the  state too. I too am happy. But, at the same time, we should note, the countries,we thinking we are competing are well established countries. Too much developed. In what sense? ‘In EDUCATION’; HUMAN RESOURCES and JOB OPPORTUNITY..and after working and achieving these basic victories, they are now investing in, to reach out in the space. These are the things that actually make all the differences. In India, only hand-full of people can earn education and are really educated. To be very honest, India lag behind in providing education to its masses. Yes, the victory of whichever ‘Chandrayan’ we celebrating, is not just enough to show our excellence in the field of science. When you would see the root, you will find, it is this country where ₹603 crores is spent in making of the ‘Chandrayan’, can’t accomplish thousand’s dreams. In the field of medical science, for 16 lakhs examiners this year, there are mere 20 thousands seats; with more than hundreds of students competing for One seat. Even if you rank 25 thousands, amongst the 16 lakhs examiners, you do no great job..because hardly you will get any seat. And even if your ranking is in lakhs, you would be called to medical colleges of countries in the west. Basically, India is just unable to account all together the benevolent minds present here, in any field. It is this country, which is going to launch its Chandrayan-II in September, comprise of people, who don’t know the actual meaning of education. They think education means the bookish knowledge. There are really 10 schools in 100s, that educate students at all spects.

Showing development just in name, can never bring any prosperity to the state, in long term. There has been started an era of ‘External Development’, that is doing the outer make-over of the entire state. The root development is being given less attention. That one day will hamper the entire growth. The cavity from inside is extending its diameter and we have been kept distracted from the required issues.

Education and all round development, makes human, a resource; & inturn making the country, a great resource for the world.

Do work for betterment of education system in India, as early as possible. Even before the launch month of the Chandrayan-II!

Clouds from the sky, talks a lot…

Clouds, clouds everywhere..I was staring, and suddenly it began to disappear. It was dark last evening, became snowy by this morning..and now it is vanishing. With its departure, it’s giving me some life’s clue. I am feeling the connection of my life, comprising up and downs, with these clouds. It might seem to you as a cluster of droplets formed under varying temperature and pressure, by the process of evaporation and condensation. But, it’s not just made for precipitation. Clouds in the sky tells even more. Says a lot. Teaches values.

What are those values? What is that,it says? What is that, I heard from it?
Clouds give the values to live. How to tackle problems and how to accept ‘wins’.
When we see the DARK CLOUDS, we get assured of rain. The dark clouds are worthy only when it rains. Sometimes, when even darker clouds vanishes, without resembles ‘no use’.
Similar are the PROBLEMS of human life, like the ‘dark clouds’, it comes in life for a while,for a certain period of time. One must remember that it never permanently exists. Hence, problems like the dark clouds must be showered down, should be precipitated out of mind and heart (before it gets vanish inside the heart); then only it would turn worthy to life. Problems comes for a lil’ duration and you must not stick on with it. Not solving it out and not coming out of it, gives pain. Showering down the problems gives teachings and experience to life.
On the next part, the SNOWY WHITE CLOUDS make the sky look beautiful, forming variable shapes and providing tincture. But, they too have to vanish with time; and the sky then have to face the land once again on its own, without the clouds.
Similar are the achievements and glories in human life. There is art in carrying or handling the achievements and honour. One must not extend the leg out of the blanket and fly above the extreme. The achievements and honour too are temporary, comes for a certain duration, in certain phase of life; and then once again, you’ll ‘ve  to face the ordinary life, with same enthusiasm and hope. Without getting disappointed. When you’ll face an ordinary life and keep calm, then only you will find ‘glory’ in your each achievement.
Problems and achievements. Pain and glory, are like the clouds. They will always appear in life, time to time, to balance it.. but, will never permanently exist with you. Cherish them whole-heartedly. But, never adorn them above your ordinary self. Be the balanced you. Do not get disappointed enough, neither turn extremely over confident in life.
This is what the clouds told me today. Try to observe them, you too would get one day… Because, clouds from the sky..talks a lot!

What’s the biggest crime in the world?

One day I met a man. Not so miserable. He was like every second person,I confront in my street. I found the environment there quite dusky. People surrounding had different expressions, but that man was not giving any. I found, he wasn’t responding to any talks, right or wrong. He was not looking around the circumference. Nor was he listening anything.

The man was dead! And I was at his funeral! But, the dead man’s activity was like every second person, I ….

Does this mean our society is dead?


Everyday in life,we confront via media or may be live, not only several crimes, but also several many poor issues, leading individuals, societies, and state towards vain. These are all consequences of the biggest crime,every individual commits sometimes or other in his life. And that crime is- ‘NO-OBJECTION ATTITUDE’! Being silent and a dumb viewer.

Though silence is the best arm,to tackle problems. But, not when time needs you to respond.  Whosoever commits whatsoever crime, the biggest criminal are those who pay no response, show no objection to it. Very smartly, getting rid from the conflicts. They think. But they don’t get that by doing this, they are helping the problems to persist within society, around them. So, no one can escape conflicts, without stepping up to solve it.

Not everyman is required to be a revolutionary or a reformer. No. But, one must respond to living, right or wrong, good or bad. If you talk about change. If you have some thoughts. If you choose your point. You are required to – be that change. Live those thoughts. And bring the point to action, whenever required.

‘Realisation of this biggest crime’, could bring a ‘bigger change’. Step towards ‘Stronger-living’ and get the air to breathe all around you..


How to make Improvements?

I find it better to start with ‘Improvements’. This is what we have to do or make to achieve ‘Success’, which is just a result, an outcome of persistent improvements. Thus I prefer not to jump directly upon success..since it won’t help.

If you think, I am to suggest certain ways, to study, suggest you how to deal with time, provide u some tricks to practice or am going to give you the perfect diet chart that would help… I say, you getting me wrong. Because, I would say, the secret to improve is- your own ways. Your plans, your potential. Your range of work. The key is in your pocket and the solution to your paused or locked improvement is ‘YOU’.

Anytime one prefer to search ways, take a lot suggestions, less to make an improvement and more to distract from the path that could help you to achieve the same. Ultimately, all ends up with your own plans.

You can only  feel comfide by practicing  according to your habit. You are capable upto your limits and an amendment you can make in your life style, according to your potential, known to you.

Again, the things, ‘Worry’ and ‘a feeling of inferiority’, are obstacles in path. The key to it is- “being a lil’stupid, but feeling smart”. That’s the way to cherish life, and climb high. You are not abided to terms and conditions that could bring success to you. Whatever be the circumstances, live through but feel free; and thus you will improve. And it declares that, ” by winning over mind, one can win the world”.

An ’11 letters word’ , might carry many steps to climb, but it will always begin with ONESELF. Identify yourself, because Improvement always begins with ‘I’. And S ccess says, it can not be achieved without ‘U’ ( you ).

Indian and India

Perhaps this was not going to be my next title to be shared. Today I was to discuss some other topic. But, suddenly I am realising ‘it’ to be discussed.

Not complexing this any more, let you know that India comprises two categories of people. The first, who lives in India and has its nationality. They are the Indians.

The second category of people are the one who reflects country’s culture, motto,notion in their living. These are in themselves- INDIA.

Now, what let me to talk about this?

I see, certain emerging thoughts which consider ‘Indian culture’ and social norms as rag and cause of unupliftment.

What is upliftment then?

Following the notion of being ‘The Cools’, henceforth drinking, attending bars? Night outs? Or..wearing ‘hell’?

The thought of upliftment should be about- Learning good. Excelling in different fields. Becoming a human resource to one’s nation. Upliftment of any country should be done in every possible spheres in such a way that the original sole beauty of the country is maintained.

The filtered cultural believes must be opted. One should take pride in taking stand for and representing India.


How sweet and colourful different costumes, traditions and languages we have! What a marvellous story, the history of jewellery in India depicts! Such a diversity, and yet we understand one-another, pay respect to each tongue. It’s so interesting to know and learn enormous languages..almost each city has its own acsent. Have you ever tried to learn regional indian languages?

I see, we get inspired from Western culture. Why so..?? Have you thought ever? This is because, people from West, represent ‘The West’ , represent their country in their living. Think, do you represent your country through your living?

Take pride in your heritage, languages, and culture. Take pride in India.

Opting different styles, might be your choice. But the adaptation should not be done in a way that you loose India somewhere in in West.

Let India exist in the world in the way it is letting you to exist in it.


So, what you choose, being an Indian or being The INDIA..?

“Reservation & Mandal Commission”: How much successfull in eradicating discrimination?

Can’t say to what extent diversity results in unity.  But discrimination’ is always an assured by product of diversity.

‘Discrimination’, a well nourished and flourished tree that has several baseis as it’s ‘branches’! One such branch is- ‘Caste’. Ah! It’s not today, that ‘the term’ is striking my mind. It was the day, when I encountered the same word, “Caste” in dictionary, meaning- ” Each of  the Hindu social classes”. And yes, I realised once again that this branch of discrimination is all self-created parasitic branch for society with no roots..and running from years by couple of hands, for being in advantage and maintaining the “Master-Slave custom” in social lives.

This “Master-Slave” relation was getting flourished at a rate, unstoppable. And thus to make a try to stop it, Indian govt.came up with ‘RESERVATION POLICY’ in providing education and govt.job opportunity to backward communities.

This solution wasn’t unfair to forwards! ..Because the basic basis was “SOCIAL”, which had always been unfair to backwards.

If ‘providing reservation’ was not unfair then why it could not stop discrimination..?


Before estimating any answer, we must make a note on ‘Mandal Commission’, a commission which gave a report on reservation.

Mandal Commission was established in the year 1980. Completed its report in 1983, and the reservation policy could not be implemented before the yr. 1992. The commission had put forward 11 factors in account of backward classes, that comprises social, educational and economic factors. Among these, social factors were given weightage of 3points, followed by 2 & 1points for educational and economic factors respectively.

Thus, the need of reservation was basically ‘The Social Discrimination’.

It was concluded in report that- ” A child from an advanced class family and that of a backward family have the same intelligence at the time of birth. Then, owing to the vast difference in social, environmental and cultural factors, the former will beat the latter by lengths in competitive fields.”


Report of Mandal Commission and implementation of reservation policy have surely risen up the economic and educational status among backwards, to some extent. But, has provided a new boost to the persisted social discrimination!

Making new categories is persisting the division of society. Discrimination will flourish until the particular branches are cut, and a policy of ONE CASTE to all is implemented. That caste would be ‘INDIAN’!


The govt.has taken one more step in making a further division and norm of being ‘the needy general’ and ‘the rich general’, through its policy of “Reservation to the poor general community”.

The tree of discrimination is strengthening its new ‘twig’, of “discrimination on economic basis”!



Its about more than two months now..blogging. I have visited many writings these while, and shared few. I have tried to understand reader’s choice. I am now realising to share my introductory. More likely because sometimes, I too do not understand my own self. I think, making an introduction would help me to introspect myself once more.

I Antra Mani, am just a student! ‘A student’,  in itself is the word containing a bunch of question..that I can’t accurately answer to. I am learning. What? Well, everything I can! I mention, one should learn everything about something & something about everything“.

I am in last of my “Teenage”. I find it interesting to share that I was a SCIENCE student..and was preparing for MEDICAL. Well doctor’s mind hardly goes beyond the book! And my always travelled far and far. So I wasn’t on the right track! Medical was something..I just wanted as an honourable job.But, then I realised to follow my excitation points..and I choosed to go for history and literature,  And choosed to live and try to let live the world with my writings!

Well, start of anything is never so easy..particularly in our Indian society. And it’s good, to find things it helps you to encounter truth of life.

Here, Parents, relatives and community, deliberately decides much of our lives. Luckily, being self-obsessed and obstinate work sometimes..and worked in my case.

Coming to BLOG. I decided to write blogs..I think, because, a thinker is empty without listeners.

I am not a mind blowing writer. As I said, I am just a student. It’s only about three months that I try to share whatever goes through this traveller mind.

Yes, I keep one motive. A motive of forming a nation full of “smart citizens”, rather than smart cities, with unaware citizens. Thus ,I prefer in my writings, ‘THE TRUTH’, which one should realise and remain far away from ‘THE SAYINGS’. I try to encourage or make you realise every important aspect where one should work. Be it, literacy or or worship.

So, this was “NOT ALL ABOUT, but ME”.. driving on a new way. ‘New’ , but NOT ‘unknown’.

Hope, you all to be the passbyers, and I, to collect and share good memories, on this journey!