Its about more than two months now..blogging. I have visited many writings these while, and shared few. I have tried to understand reader’s choice. I am now realising to share my introductory. More likely because sometimes, I too do not understand my own self. I think, making an introduction would help me to introspect myself once more.

I Antra Mani, am just a student! ‘A student’,  in itself is the word containing a bunch of question..that I can’t accurately answer to. I am learning. What? Well, everything I can! I mention, one should learn everything about something & something about everything“.

I am in last of my “Teenage”. I find it interesting to share that I was a SCIENCE student..and was preparing for MEDICAL. Well doctor’s mind hardly goes beyond the book! And my always travelled far and far. So I wasn’t on the right track! Medical was something..I just wanted as an honourable job.But, then I realised to follow my excitation points..and I choosed to go for history and literature,  And choosed to live and try to let live the world with my writings!

Well, start of anything is never so easy..particularly in our Indian society. And it’s good, to find things it helps you to encounter truth of life.

Here, Parents, relatives and community, deliberately decides much of our lives. Luckily, being self-obsessed and obstinate work sometimes..and worked in my case.

Coming to BLOG. I decided to write blogs..I think, because, a thinker is empty without listeners.

I am not a mind blowing writer. As I said, I am just a student. It’s only about three months that I try to share whatever goes through this traveller mind.

Yes, I keep one motive. A motive of forming a nation full of “smart citizens”, rather than smart cities, with unaware citizens. Thus ,I prefer in my writings, ‘THE TRUTH’, which one should realise and remain far away from ‘THE SAYINGS’. I try to encourage or make you realise every important aspect where one should work. Be it, literacy or or worship.

So, this was “NOT ALL ABOUT, but ME”.. driving on a new way. ‘New’ , but NOT ‘unknown’.

Hope, you all to be the passbyers, and I, to collect and share good memories, on this journey!

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