Independent? A letter to Late M.K. Gandhi

Respected Mr.Gandhi,

I am sitting in my room now, thinking.. am I INDEPENDENT ? Are WE INDEPENDENT ? Is my COUNTRY ilINDEPENDENT ?

Anyway, how you feeling there in ‘heaven‘ ? So many years of Independency ! I am sure there must not be any boundation.

By the way, today is Oct.,2nd.. your birthday! Birthday of ‘ our FATHER of NATION.’ We celebrate it as- ‘Gandhi Jayanti’.

I have read, you Mr. Gandhi, was a very obstinate man. You fought for India’s independence in your own ways..i.e.- through ‘Satyagraha’, ‘ Non-violence’, ‘ civil disobedience’.  But for which independence, did you fight ? 


I see, I can not go out on my own, to meet friends or for a party..or just for a hang out. I am not permitted by my parents. They think, any individual can do anything wrong to me..or else, I myself can commit wrong.

I am therefore, NOT Independent. Parents here, are NOT Independent from WORRIES. Because SOCIETY is NOT yet Independent from CRIME !


I see,  wherever we go, to any city in India, we are asked our CASTE.

Parents asks ‘caste’ of our friends. To give house on rent, caste is mandatorily asked. In any exam, we are bonded to mention ‘Category’. Whosoever you are. Whatsoever is your personality.. your IDENTITY will be..YOUR CASTE.

Sir even I know YOUR CASTE ! I wish you could only be remembered as ‘GANDHI’. But..

Vote is asked on the name of caste. Even, you don’t have to live your life with your beloved..but with your ‘caste’.

We are NOT yet INDEPENDENT from ‘CASTE’.


I see, there are PEOPLE who sleeps on FOOTPATHS. Their children get a ‘mouth-full meal’..I think, rarely once in a month. Just can’t be predicted.

None deonate even 10% of their income to a single poor family. We still differentiate and don’t come along. Don’t think that ‘UPLIFTING  A  NEEDY, CAN  UPLIFT  US  ALL.’

Our MIND is NOT Independent from SELFISHNESS. And thus, your state is NOT yet Independent from POVERTY. 


I see, even a Commoner can KILL an other Civilian, on account of some RELIGIOUS RUBBISH !

Such persons don’t keep any idea about the PRIME ISSUES to consider..they only run behind ‘religion’ and it’s conflicts.

We are NOT yet Independent from RELIGIOUS DISEASE.


I see, people wearing ‘LOCKETS of Some GOD’. They even wear ‘RINGS’, made up from precious stones, costing from thousands to lakhs ! For eating Non-Veg., And cutting hairs too, there are SPECIFIED DAYS in a week.

Sir, We are NOT yet Independent from our WORSE BELIEVES.


I see, an individual from one Indian state, is killed at another Indian state, because of  ‘state’s -difference’. Oh, a very unusual hate!

We still not INDIANS! We are ‘Tamilians’, ‘Bihari’, ‘ Marathi’, ‘Rajasthani’.

People are NOT yet Independent as ‘One Indian State’.


I see, meeting a govt.official, completion of govt.’s task, like- making of  PAN Card, Driving liscence, Voter-Id, Birth or Death certificate etc., Consumes a lot of time.

Even raising your voice, or publishing your book, too require POWER.

Here, POWER is equivalent to ‘ MONEY’ ‘Caste’ and ‘Contacts’.

State is NOT yet Independent from CORRUPTION and CORRUPTS. 


Acting against the running again a crime, as it must was, in your time.

People here don’t realise what were the reasons that someone overruled us. We are continuing our weaknesses with a great pride.

Gandhi, you struggled for INDEPENDENCE of INDIA. You see, it’s sad that today India is again NOT Independent.

And the worry is, this time any one isnt struggling to settle down worse and to gain Independence..from all that we have created.

We are going to the way of ‘GHULAMI’ again, with no ‘Gandhi’ this time !


-Antra Mani.


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