NigHt & DaY..

     “Are  you  devoted  to  your  love?”


I am NIGHT.                                                Everybody, everything stops, when meet me.                But I am never still.. I begin when one stops!            I may seem to you as a ‘Horror bae’                          But what I hold in my arms, is YOU, DAY!


I wonder how lively you seem.                                         You lights up everybody,                                                    For spreading smiles, you are so..keen

When you come, life begins to run..                                  How cheerfull you make those birds                      ..and give everyone , a teaching for work!

Day, your all around, children play.                       You so charming..that plants stand in you green & straight..and becomes your mate in giving esse..


But when arrive, I let all down.                                   I come with ‘thoughts’, ‘regrets’ and sometimes frustrations’.                                                                        I show the TRUTH to everyone..& make conffessions.

I offer my love  and nourish..& then everybody rests in me.                                                                 But I feel so lonely, for I am left alone.                                Though I am having you, but your are not awake with me..


I adorn YOU, then I come.                                            But why do I turn DARK ?

I want YOU Day..but why can’t I get you?

I miss in my life, your part..                                      Am I too bad, to remain this dark ?

I don’t want tears, for I don’t like sadness                       ..but how can I tell YOU, to take it away.

I can’t let these to be in your midway.

If good can never occur to me;                                    I will keep admiring it for you.

I’ll take all your sorrow, make you sleep..                                   ..& again you will wake up ‘ NEW’..

              Day, night LoVes YOU..!

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