Sometimes, I just see the paintings, I have drawn. I stare..and stare & try to find, what ‘relation’ i carry with them all?

Yes, there must be any. Afterall, it’s my mate since my what we call ‘Hobby’.

I don’t know what hobby is ? I don’t think I’ve a single hobby. I do many things in my free time. But again..can’t say all those things, my ‘hobby’.

I don’t know, I am good at it or not. I have never been tutored for drawing. It always expelled out! Whenever expelled out, it helped me to work with my concentration. Sometimes, healed sorrow..or other times, accompanied me in my joyfull-mood.

How living it is..!

Whenever I see them, I find them trying to speak.

Since they are important part of me.. I would love to share to all, what they speak!

So few days..for my paintings and creatives..!


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