What’s Your Source of Living ?

“You should know EVERYTHING about ‘someting’..& SOMETHING about ‘everything’. 

“You can ‘earn’ from one source, but can ‘donate’ to needy through Various sources!” 

I could not find any better start than this. The above two verdicts, are ‘MOOL-MANTRA’ for ‘living’.


To get strucked in, a road traffic is not required. Now man’s life has turned as such, that life in itself is very trafficking.

We say, god creates life, it’s so beautiful.. but what we living now is the man- made life.

Just you look at your own self . We grow up, choose a subject, learn to qualify competitive exams. Take a job. Practice that job. Earn..earn..earn..and die.

Life has became so limited, or else, I must say, we have made it so..limited. We have turned our daily life into an EXAMINATION HALL; where we find and make ourselves restrict to turn aside, or, even look aside to know the surrounding.

Hah! I think, it was The EXAM and The EXAMINATION HALL that we hatered the most. Then why are we trying to turn our blessed life as such.


Earlier in my articles, I had discussed about developing potential and recognising passion. ‘What’s Your Fashion?’ accompanied, the value of appearance and personality. All these are built up with CONFIDENCE.. and ‘happiness’ is the key to confidence.

Until we don’t try to ‘chillofy’ our lives and do a little experiment with it, we’ll last our lives, being a robot.

How to live then..?

Well for me, L.I.F.E. is – Learning, Innovation, Fiering, and Experiment. If any one of these task you exclude, life will be incomplete.


How nice our heart feel, to know about any person serving in good, by managing time from his routined work. We whole heartedly wish blessings to such persons.

Why not we try this ourselves? Triple pleasure will our heart feel..and happiness will roll down from our eyes.

Being a GENIOUS! Ah, we wish! But do not try. How  fascinating is the term ‘KNOWING’.. Have u ever thought?

It’s so easy. Show excellence in your field. But keep knowing “something about everything.” That gives confidence and a look of satisfaction.

Next thing to consider is, having a HOBBY. Whhoh! How exciting. Observe what u like to do to make up your mood. Do it in your free time..or I say, make a free time, just to perform your hobby.


What do you answer, when someone asks you, “What’s your source of living?”

“Ah, I work as an engineer in ‘INTEL’ “. “I practice medicine.” I own a shop.”  ” I am having hard time..because crop failed this year.”

Well,well, you MISCONCEPT  ‘source of  living’ to ‘source of EARNING’.

Above probable answers perfectly goes with ‘source of EARNING’ . Source of LIVING, never fails..is unlimited & has no boundary.


Nourish yourself with some TIME. Be still. Think. Feel. Go for never ending pace of a ‘hapPy LifE’!


My source of living is – L.I.F.E.

                    What’s your’s..?




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