“Believe it or not..girLs are                               FABULOUS, by god!!”

DreSs, goWn, ShirT, sHawl                                        ..but the wardrobe do NOT droll!

Lot to wear, but NOTHING NEW                                    No one can understand, I can’t get rescue.

PartY time! Friends have called                                What will I wear, will see one and all.

Can’t put on DRESS, for elders would see cheap!             GOWN would go heavy, and T-SHIRT mischieve.                                                       FORMALS are for meeting TRADITIONAL for festive.

What should I wear..that could perfectly hit?

Okay, but what then, if anything I buy                          ..I would need it’s ‘Accessory’, & selection for the same would take time.

Awesome should be the ‘Footwear’                   which can balance my height & match the gear.

And then too..a worry of HAIRS, how to form!                  Along with the make up that shouldn’t go wrong.

Oh! What a BeaUtifuLL tension we carry,.                                                                                                                                                                                                       We the GIRLS, in the wOrld of  DressberrY!

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