What’s Your Fashion?

“Formals!”, “Oh! Traditional.” “How would be the Indo-Western?” ” I like descent make-up!”

When we talk about  ‘Fashion’, our poor mind immediately thinks about ‘Clothing’ or ‘dressing up’. Fashion is the tool, which yes, no doubt, helps us to Explore..but only when we understand what it mean..!


How sorry I feel when see, girls mad after wearing more and more shorts. More and more dresses, with more and more make over!

Guys, on the other hand, try to look more and more cool with more and more wrist bands, chains and low waist trousers..!

Ah! All this is because we consider ‘Fashion’ and ‘Trend’, the same thing..and run to catch Trends.


Chain, bands, hair-highlightning, shorts, might be the trend or may it be someone’s fashion. But its not necessary for it to be your fashion too.

F.A.S.H.I.O.N. in my view, should be understood as-  a Fusion reflecting your Attitude, Simplicity, Highness, Intelligence, Occupation and Norms.               So yes, this is what FASHION is.

Now u feeling weight in the term?

Fashion is not just limited to dressing up, but FROM dressing up..TO your Behaviour and your Attitude.

It might be quite clear to u that Fashion is NOT  a Trend to follow and share. It SHOULD be ‘Your Own’ , to master in Your own way!


Adorning anything of your choice..is not bad. But interestingly, ‘every place’ and ‘each event’ has its OWN Fashion..


You will terribly shock to see your colleagues in ‘BLACK’ outfits, or with too many bright make-ups on the day of Independence!

Independence day is the day to pay tribute to nation and remember our leader’s sacrfices, with full descency. But, oh, the curse of misundertaking Fashion!

Why to run behind fool races? Why can’t we try to be a little more sensible? Why can’t we take pride in us and remain in our comfort zone?

India lag behind, because, we just know to ‘follow’ & ‘wearing’.

It’s time to think upon..think a little about what should be ‘My Identity?’

” NOT going along with the crowd, can help you stand out in the crowd.”

We have to explore our POWERS, along with our Appearances. When you will  remain at your comfort zone, you will look smart. Think smart. And will form smart.


Snatch out the ‘NATURAL YOU’, from within you. Dont show what ‘Trend’ you follow, Show what ‘Fashion’ you have within you.



        So, do Trend still means your                                   Fashion?




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