Don’t Wait for The RIGHT TIME

                 Don’t remain dumb

       You have voice to make a loud cry.

Never hesitate. You aren’t a piece to harass. You are future’s light!

What you waiting for? Wake up CHILD

The TIME will NEVER be just Right..


What’s your fashion? What’s your                           passion? Recognise.

You are not made to waste your time in slurry..

..or follow the path which could give you all time worry.

Make your choice. Dare to submit your words.

Right now is the time! What you waiting for YOUTH?

    The TIME will never be just Right.


  WOMAN, you are the strongest soul

You don’t require boundary or need any guide..

How can you remain shut on worse?

You are considered as the Best Teacher world-wide.

Screem out! Show the power inside.

Don’t wait

The TIME will NEVER be just Right..!


Till when will you follow hypocracy in name of religion?

Can’t you see, you only carry fear and belief you hide!

God is ONE, and that too, within you. Please do realise.

Serve in Humanity..not the PRIEST.

Think in right PEOPLE.

     The TIME will NEVER come just                                     RIGHT.


Upon ‘Unity in Diversity’, let your nation take pride.

Just on mere rumours, should brothers fight..?

Where you getting deviated, think a slight!

You won’t get time to regret

Give up the multiple religion in disguise.

Shake your hands friends, now.

The TIME will never come just RIGHT.


We all have certain sets of different blood groups.. same for all

You can’t deny

What you are..should depend on your work and state of mind.

Then how foolishly you distinguish caste and community?

Stop! Now get rid from this custom from past.

Fools, marry your beloved, don’t marry your caste!

Don’t delay on thinking anymore. Apply

    The time will never be just Right..!


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