What’s Your Power?

India, blessed with culture, heritage, contains a history of the monarch, carries evidence of bravery in wars. It’s the land of God.

Yeah, one must is aware of all these.. but if anyone knows, India was a great platform for Education?

Our old manuscripts and books give us great pleasure & we use to take pride in reading the greatness of our country.

Our writers were full of wit. We were one among the leading parts of the world.

Vedas, Mahabharata, Panchtantra were written hundreds of years ago but their verses depict our grip on Sciences, Mathematics, Astrology..at that time too. And we spreaded it to all other parts of the world.

Holding such an honorable history, from ‘Nalanda’ to ‘Taxila’, at present India is running with the unwanted education system and fighting with illiteracy.

From the world-class position, we are drawn back to the beginner’s position in terms of gain of smartness, developing human resources, etc.

           And what drew us down is-

                    LACK of POWER.

The abundance of knowledge can bring you Satisfaction, but Power is needed to EXPLODE the world with that knowledge and capability and in taking up one’s stand when needed!

Moreover, POWER stands for- having Potential Of utilizing your Work, Education, and Resource.325699-130G21Z11946

Now, if we look back, we can understand that if people of Ancient India would have realized their POWER of knowledge. No one would have destroyed it!

But we couldn’t take the stand of what treasure we were having.

What Power am I talking about?

Well, ‘Power of Realisation’ would be my answer…

-A realization of your Interest

-Realising one’s Potential

-A realization of one’s ‘Self Treasure’.

I think each of us does have a certain talent. It can even be small things. The matter is..you have the Power to realize it or not!

One might lose his job, but a talented person is never off work. Power of talent never is loosed.

It is not required that we stuck on to make up earning through medical, engineering or teaching field.

Life starts beyond these..when you look up for your quality. We must realize what we have and must acknowledge our quality.

Knowledge and talent are incomplete unless the world knows it and until it is applied in state’s interest.

Take a step. We must realize to combine our ‘quality’ and ‘knowledge’ and give it the Power to establish- ‘Quality knowledge’, in India. Hence creating an example of India’s comeback in Education and smartness.

Let’s be a Human Resource.

I have realized my Power… “My power is Writing.”

                “What’s your POWER?”


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